Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I started this blog to see how many people out there are tired of Amway Tex. My opinion is he needs to crawl back into the hole he came out of. Who is he? Why should we care about his hatred for Amway or its tools? He's taking too much time and effort to make a point that few will actually take into consideration. Those of you who are already a part of Amway, are there because you want to be. Those of you who aren't, are doing other things constructive with your time. And then there's Tex....who only makes a nuisance of himself on various blog spots, new media and Amway sites. He seems to want to be of importance to someone...anyone...but isn't.  Regurgitating information or copy and pasting information, doesn't make him an authority on anything. An obsessive personality, Tex needs a mental evaluation and perhaps some medication. Did your mama not hold you enough? Tex...will you get help? Otherwise I'm concerned you may end up a serial killer or a uni bomber.

I hope this post gets to you in time before you take your life or the lives of others.


  1. Scott E. Johnson, married to Danice Johnson
    3241 PORTSIDE LN
    PLANO TX 75023-3600
    • 50+ years old, 16+ years in Amway, over $35K spent on tools
    • Peaked at 10 downlines years ago?
    • Blames tool system for his failure in Amway

  2. that's who textextex is

  3. That's awesome! Now we know where to look if he loses his mind and harms someone! I'd like to think that his legal issues with Amway wil quell his appetite for defamation. I'm not in Amway but know people that are...he doesn't help business... True you CAN spend a ton on tools but it's not Amway doing's Worldwide Dreambuilders and the like. And in reality these groups are a choice to be involved with not a requirement.